Dr. Bonds: Renaissance Style Portraiture

by Liz

I find parting with paintings difficult. It’s not so much that I am overly-proud or overly attached or overly-disappointed in them, but rather that there seems to be so few people interested in the sort of work I do. I have had little luck selling it, so I tend to keep it for a long while until I find someone who cares enough and likes a certain piece art well enough that I can give something to them. In some exemplary cases, the person is appreciative, kind, and encouraging enough to merit a special painting uniquely tailored to them.

Dr. Larry Bonds is a member of this intimate club of patrons. A Renaissance scholar, teacher, and naturally curious person, Dr. Bonds merited a special commission, not only for the academic aid and all-around generosity he has provided in the classroom, but for the personal support and encouragement he has provided to me, often when I needed it most.

Seeing that he’s a British Literature scholar and appreciative of all things Medieval, Renaissance, or otherwise ancient, it is only fitting that his painting be in the style he is most accomplished in, with all of the period-appropriate trappings and honors generally given to persons of quality.

Dr. Bonds
Acrylic on Canvas (aprox. 18 x 25)

One of the best things about Renaissance things is the plethora and abundance of symbols that artists of the day loved to pack into their work: literary, visual, or otherwise. Since the primary job/hobby of Renaissance scholars is the unraveling of such little mysteries, this painting has over 15 symbols, awards, or allusions. Actually, to be truthful, the number of such little mysteries is closer to 42, but you have to delve a bit into history, both personal and universal, to find them all. Happy hunting!

{Thank you, Dr. Bonds, and Happy New Year to all!}