Sometimes the world just isn’t small enough

by Liz

Living out West, the world is huge. You can drive for five hours and only see cows and abandoned gas stations. To save on gas, I strive to make the world smaller, more manageable. I’ve always loved miniatures, not just because they allow me to indulge in collecting whole furniture suites without taking up more space than a library book, but also because of the strangely comforting feeling I get from holding something so fragile in the palm of my hand, something that I made. My fingers aren’t exactly nimble and thin, but they certainly aren’t sausages either. However, making a bed the size of a matchhead was like trying to grab a teacup with a skyscraper crane.

First Paper House

Fully Furnished! The perfect starter home for any middle-class ant family!

Full Sized Bed!

 I framed all these houses with regular white cardstock, using an Exacto blade to cut and score all the details. The most complex house was the Hunting Lodge, since it is made of individual “logs.”

Tiny log cabin next to giant Honest Abe!

Folk-art style you could fit on a push pin!

After having satisfactorily constructed 1 inch houses, the only way to go was smaller, like 1:12 scale for 1:144th scale small. So I did!

A Dollhouse Dollhouse Dollhouse!

The plastic part of a thumb tack is about 5/8 inch tall

Beyond Godzilla!

My latest houses include a minute red school house and more modern buildings, like a 1960s suburban home (you can see it in the background).

The house in the far back with the tree is the same size as the Dollhouse Dollhouse Dollhouse

Don't worry! The amount of homework they give is small...

A quick explanation of dollhouse nerd speak:

Most dollhouses little girls lust after are in 1:12 scale, meaning that 1 inch becomes the equivalent of 1 foot. For example, my 5′ 6″ self would be 5.5 inches tall in dollhouse size (remember that 6″ is half a foot!). A 20′ tall house would be 20 inches tall. If you’re an American and still work by the measurement of an ancient monarchy, that’s pretty simple to calculate, but it’s still not small enough! I have a tiny room and don’t have 20 inches of space to be wastin’! Following that measurement scale, a 1:12 scale dollhouse for your dollhouse would need to be 1:144 scale (1/12 of 1/12). A dollhouse for a dollhouse for a dollhouse would have to be 1/12 of 1:144. I haven’t quite reached that yet, but there’s always the dream. Most of these are about Barbie Dream House size in 1:144.