Doodling is like Candy…

…you can never stop with just one piece!

I draw on everything all the time. In class, on my notes, between the lines on my final drafts, and on the back of grocery store receipts. Most are stupid doodles that start off as random, frustrated pencil strikes that become the angry eyebrow of a bull or bored, rolling circles that turn into a worming snake on Medusa’s head. Anything can be born of a  doodle.

I have a set of things that I draw more than anything, though and in my defense, most pertain to the class I am ignoring in some way, shape, or form. For example:

In history class, if the lecture drones on about Ben Franklin and the French Revolution, I delicately sketch a floral, ringlet-ed French Lady.

Or during Literature class I dutifully record a brooding King Lear.

The most entertaining moment is when you are drawing a face and it turns into your Communications professor, right down to the slightly mussed shirt.  

But sometimes the doodles turn into class-consuming projects that take the entire period to finish, and not necessarily on topic for the day’s lesson plans either…