Stats: My first painting of 2010: Lerrette: Portrait of Shasha. She’s acrylic on Canvas, 16 by 20 inches.

This is the first true-color painting I have done. I never considered how white flesh actually is in dull sunlight…

This painting is actually based on an etsy.com auction image. The model is Sasha, a multi-tasking wonder woman of vintage fashion, strange grungy music, and faux pax modelling. This dress sold for $45, alas, not to me.

Her band link is http://www.myspace.com/sashaandtheshamrocks

Sasha mostly wails about witches and strangers, backed by a band of eclectic men.

Lerrette isn’t like that at all. She’s more of a shadow in the sunlight than a hipster in the spotlight. She looks like Sasha, but Lerrette is Lerrette, separate and quizzical. She’s out in the woods, looking around for something. Maybe she’s lost, maybe she’s just strolling in the evening, but it is getting dark and the path is covered with fallen pine needles.