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17th Century Self Portraits with Fitted Sheet

This past week, I got in a tiff with my boss, almost competed in a spelling bee, and was feeling rather 17th Century Greek Revival, so I ceremoniously draped my cranium with my freshly laundered fitted sheet and took this series of unaltered self portraits. Yes. There is no make-up, no paint-over, and the worst bathroom florescent lighting known to be. I have titled them Moods of a Mad Madonna.

Whether that Madonna is the Renaissance Mother of God or the entertainer has yet to be determined, but something felt right about it, kind of like running across a batch of spilt seed beads while you are vacuuming and they make that titillating crunching sound as they are sucked into oblivion…


Much Ado About Something: Old Shakespeare Classics

These two skinny volumes are special. They’re cranberry red, stamped with an eagle and lance crest, and are celebrating their 110th birthday this year! They are The Tempest and Much Ado About Nothing from a set of Shakespeare’s Folio volumes. Like many of my favorite collectible books, these babies have that excellent smell of acidic paper, ink drawings, dainty typesetting, and gold-stamped titles on their spines. I’m a big fan of Art Nouveau and the curly, organic touches in these books are superb!

Besides being copies of Shakespeare’s folio, these lovelies have carefully made notes, scholarly essays, research materials, study guides, and, most importantly, an illustrated glossary (if only they reprinted these volumes for modern classroom use)!

These volumes are different from the rest, however, because they are superb graduations gifts from Mr. Christopher Andrews.

If you talk to Andrews in Spanish, he unwittingly adds Zs to the ends of words

Thank you!

Now if only I can find the rest of ’em……

Color print of Claudio in MAAN

Because Flowers Die…


Wrapped in soggy waxed tissue paper
Patterned in silver toile
Five blossoms and a sprig of something green
Two daisies spoked in white
Golden centers plush with garden dew
Forget-me-nots cluster in a posy
Blue and white                                                                                               
One crushed against another frantically
Eager faces peering out from beneath
A blazing poppy
On a long
The petals flared like the hem
Of a devil’s gown
Scarlet velvet speared with lemon
And a black-flocked moon between
A burgundy rose, edges crimped
The petals soft and cupped
Around the center of tangled knots
Hidden under these living silks
The broad-leafed green
And supple branch of belladonna curls
Blackened berries ripe
Peering eyes glowing in the night
The paper rustles in my hand
And flecks of silver paint
With a broken petal or two
As I present this flowery gift
To the poet
The muse
And scarlet-lettered